What am I wearing today?

Lady – Leisure Time

How many times have you opened your wardrobe and asked yourself: “What am I wearing today?” And simply ended up saying: “I have nothing to wear! I need to go shopping.”

This session is meant to help you understand what is in your wardrobe and how you choose the clothes and combine the colours in your everyday life. By filling the form below, you will be sent a questionnaire per email that you will have to send back to me together with 2 photos of yourself attached (I will guide you how to take the pictures).  

In addition to that, you will need to send max. 10 pictures of outfits that you create from the clothes in your wardrobe and that you usually wear when going to work or going out in the evening or during your leisure time.

What are you getting from me? Within 15 days I will send you some information about your body shape, what suits you and what not depending on the outfits in the pictures you have sent me, and a few tips about how to highlight the assets and to minimize the flaws.

The cost for this online session is 40 Euros which will have to be set via paypal or bank transfer before sending the photos and before starting the session. In case you have changed your mind, you will get a refund within 24 hours from the payment (any extra expenses for the refund will be accredited to you). Please write down in the message box the session you would like to get, “What am I wearing today?”, and I will get in touch with you per email.