What people are saying…

Anna did a good job. She had a structure prepared and even went into things like colors and their effects. She had a firm opinion and made sure to voice it even if it differed from my own. She gave me some new ideas and shifted my views somewhat. For the specific items that we […]

Marc, Germany

I signed up for this experience just for fun and I was surprisingly amazed from what I have learned. This opened my eyes in terms of a new way of dressing up and choosing the clothes. We went through small boutiques in Frankfurt that you would not think they even exist probably. I had a […]

Belky, Venezuela

Shopping with Anna was an absolute delight. Anna was a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide, and suggested clothes that I never would have considered on my own. I felt like my idea of what I might wear was gently but effectively stretched to include so much more color and pattern! Also, she has just such […]

Maire, USA

Anna knows the neighborhood well! It was a very enjoyable afternoon for me. Source: Airbnb Experiences, Frankfurt, Apr 2019

Wanling, Hong Kong

Great experience in the city! Anna is very friendly and knowledgeable with a great eye for colors! Source: Airbnb Experience, Frankfurt, Mar 2019

Aimee, USA

Anna es una persona muy profesional y simpática. Me gustó su capacidad para escuchar y entender rápidamente mis requerimientos. Estoy muy contenta con la experiencia. Source: Airbnb Experiences, Frankfurt, Apr 2019

Anahi, Bolivia

Shopping with Anna was really dynamic and cheerful, she suggested many interesting options I wouldn’t think about by my own. She is experienced in what she is doing, and you can easily trust on her suggestions and hints which colours to choose and how to combine clothes between each other. Now I’m inspired to use […]

Svetlana, Germany

Anna is really great, she knows fashion very well and more importantly she understands and respects individual preferences. She was helpful and caring from beginning till end. I booked this for my girlfriend and she had fantastic experience. Highly recommended! Source: Airbnb Experiences, Frankfurt, Mar 2019

Rajesh, Germany

I really enjoyed my meeting with Anna. She was easy to talk to and encouraged me to consider different cuts and colors of clothing in addition to quality. She has very good insight into how to pair things together for new looks with clothes I own and new things I might purchase. She had a […]

Ruth, USA

Shopping with Anna was a fabulous experience! She opened my eyes for new colors and styles and we had a very fun time. Many thanks and highly recommendable! Source: Airbnb Experiences, Frankfurt, Feb 2019

Isabelle, Germany