Bohemian – Evening Look

Would you like to change your look but you do not know where to start from? Simply you do not know how to combine colours together? Have you ever felt disappointed after trying a dress you have seen but it didn’t suit you well? Or you don’t understand why a dress can suit so well on someone but not on you? It is not your body…it’s the dress which is not perfect for you! And I will help you to find the right one!

This session will help you understand the clothes which suit your body better depending on your body shape and also your personality style, but also the colours to combine with the colours of your hair, your eyes and your skin.

By filling the form below you will be sent the questionnaire per email that you will have to send back together with 2 pictures of yourself attached (I will guide you how to take the pictures). Within 15 days I will send you 3 outfits which I will create for you based on the information you have provided and I will also give you advice about the colors and the clothes which suit you better.

The cost for this online session is 50 Euros which will have to be set via paypal or bank transfer before sending the photos and before starting the session. In case you have changed your mind, you will get a refund within 24 hours from the payment (any extra expenses for the refund back will be accredited to you).

In case you would like to repeat the session again, for example, to get advice after losing weight or to change look in a different season, you will receive a 10% discount. And in case you would like to try another online session after this one, like “What am I wearing today?” or “Let’s talk about fashion on Skype!”, you will also get 10% discount. Please write down in the message box the session you would like to get, “Style Me!”, and I will get in touch with you per email.