My Body Shape

Glamorous – Evening Look

Are you not sure which dress to wear to highlight your assets and minimize your faults? Does a skirt or do trousers flatter your figure more? Are you an S size on the upper body and an M size on the lower body and you do not know which size to choose for your clothes?

Every woman belongs to a body shape group and whatever your body type is, you can find a beautiful dress that will flatter your figure. Learning your body type will help you select the right clothes to create a balanced, and when needed, curvy silhouette. You will save time shopping and hours of frustrated moments trying to figure out what to wear. And I can help you with all of that!

What shall I do to find out my body type?

Fill the form below and submit it. I will get in touch with you to guide you how to identify your body shape and how to get 2 pictures of your full body that you will send me per email.

What am I going to receive?

Within 10 working days from your reply, you will receive an answer with the type of the body shape group you belong to as a starting point to change and define your style!

How much is this going to cost me?

This session is free of charge.