My Body Shape

Glamorous – Evening Look

Every woman belongs to a body shape group and whatever your body type, you can find a beautiful dress that will flatter your figure. Learning your body type will help you select the right clothes to create a balanced, and when needed, curvy silhouette. You will save time shopping and hours of frustrated moments trying to decide what to wear. So let’s get started? (This session is free of charge)

In order to identify which part of your body is the widest and the thinnest, use the measure tape. By following the tips below, start with your shoulders and bust, which will help you determine how large your upper body is, and then finish with your hips.

Fill the form below and submit it. Within 10 working days, you will receive an answer with the type of the body shape group you belong to as starting point to change and define your style! After submitting the form, I will get in touch with you to require 2 pictures of your full body that you will send me per email. How to take the pictures, one of the front and one of the side?

Simply stand in front of a full length mirror wearing black or white body tight attire, such as leggings and top; make sure you use the same colours for the top and the bottom. Take the first picture from the front (keep the arms and hands away from the hips) and then from the side (keep your arms away from the bust).